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Powers Martial Arts Academy

Spark the adventure of self-discovery, empowerment,
and unlimited potential while getting in great shape!

About Our School

The 5 Ways We Change Lives,
For Both Kids & Adults.

Hi and Welcome!

We’re thrilled to share our passion for martial arts with you! For some, our North Ridgeville Martial Arts school might seem like just another run-of-the-mill place to get fit and learn self-defense... but to us it’s SO much more.

As you get into the absolute best shape of your life, some other “subtle” changes are happening, as well. These changes really surprise our new students. When you train in our programs, your life will NEVER be the same a really good way!

Here are just a few of those life-changing benefits that students experience...

#1 Boosted Confidence

Challenge yourself, change your life! As you dig in and put your efforts into learning all of the crazy cool striking drills, self-defense techniques, and showing up for cardio training you’ll realize you CAN smash your fitness goals.

Wow, what a big boost in confidence this brings! We see it on all of the new students' faces within just a couple weeks. Believe it or not, a lot of it comes from the positive class atmosphere and socialization.

You’ll swell with pride as your classmates and instructors cheer you on. High fives will fly high as you progress through training and continue to give your all in class. Both kids and adults feel this and it spills over into their everyday life. Kids step up to the plate, becoming leaders in their classrooms. And adults claim they take on challenges at work with more confidence too!

#2 Full On Focus

Martial Arts is so much fun! You’ll learn all kinds of new skills and techniques like strategic punching and kicking, defensive moves, and cardio drills. When you learn a new skill, you have to really focus and listen carefully to what the instructor is saying, then perform what he taught you.

What’s cool is that this strong concentration naturally pours into other areas of your life as you develop laser like focus. It’s one of the most amazing side-effects of Martial Arts - many call it getting in the zone, unlocking your untapped potential, or peak performance.

Call it whatever you want, but one thing is spot-on - you’ll learn how to focus your mind and perform tasks you once thought were impossible.

#3 Incredible Strength and Fitness

No matter what your starting level is, each of our students improves from the fitness level they were in when they took their first class. That’s true for total beginners to elite athletes.

We strive to make sure each class is filled with fun and challenging drills and exercise that work your entire body.

Get ready for plenty of fist bumps as you achieve things you once thought impossible. Even if that means completing a single push up, performing a challenging kick, or consistently showing up to class every week. Your couch is about to get soooo jelly.  

#4 Genuine Friends

We're a tight-knit group here. And our members and instructors are all about support and friendship.

We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. It's truly a great feeling to be part of something genuine.

#5 You’ll Have FUN Again!

Reignite your passion for life in our awesome classes! No two workouts are ever the same and you’ll rock your body to the core with fun, functional movements.

Gain lean muscle, increase your flexibility, and learn dynamic movements which are super-secret to martial arts conditioning. You’ll never hear military style yelling and we don’t use body shaming, ever. Just fun, positive motivation so you can be at your best.

Our students work hard, but they play even harder! Laughing and smiles are part of every class.

Make your fitness dreams come true while learning how to empower yourself and achieve greater success. 

You need us and we need you. Together we’re a dynamic force of fitness power to change lives and bring back JOY in taking charge of your life. Because of this…

We’re offering a limited time 100% money back guarantee on all web specials. So, if we’re not a good fit for you, we understand. Chances are though, you’ll love it here, but if not – just use the money back guarantee and find a better fit. 

Like we said, we’re serious about helping you achieve life-changing results and having a higher quality of life. 

Meaningful relationships.

Immediate and lasting success.

If you’re comfortable signing up over the internet, we highly recommend it so you can take full advantage of the money back guarantee. If not, feel free to give us a call: (440) 327-3688

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Edward Powers III

Edward Powers III
Powers Martial Arts Academy
(440) 327-3688

Have you been wishing to learn Martial Arts, Taekwondo or Karate? Join our North Ridgeville Adult Martial Arts Classes: a unique combination of modern-style self-defense mixed with traditional training. Here, you will experience self-defense, combat techniques, exercise, sport, and even inner-growth and meditation.

Our classes are taught to adults of all ages in the North Ridgeville area as well as nearby surrounding areas. Our instructors are some of the best you'll ever find, having committed their lives to not only becoming great martial artists... but great teachers.

Little ones (and their parents) love North Ridgeville Kids Martial Arts Classes! A fun mix of martial arts techniques is combined with lessons on discipline, learning a deeper sense of respect, and building fit habits to take your children well into adulthood.

Each FUN class will bring your kids closer to new fit friends, teach them epic life-saving punching and kicking drills, and boost confidence for better performance in school!

We have the most action-packed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class in town! Our North Ridgeville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) class will give you a head start so you can learn powerful submission and grappling techniques.

Our program is structured to help you handle yourself when standing up or laying on your back. We have friendly members and instructors who will help you practice these techniques and attain great success. And even more...our North Ridgeville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes are designed to be fun and action-packed.

North Ridgeville Kickboxing is such a powerful way to lose weight, get fit, and get in shape! These classes develop strength and stamina in your arms, your core, and your legs. That's because every kickboxing move works your entire body. Even a punch requires the twisting of the hips, which builds core strength, and the stability of the legs, increasing strength overall.

Amazing bodyweight exercises, passionate staff to push you and motivate you to do your best all wrapped into one action-packed experience - this program is definitely a must have for achieving head turning results!

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Welcome to Powers Martial Arts Academy! If you’re looking for the best confidence-building martial arts and fitness center in North Ridgeville… look no further! 


We are a family-oriented academy that specializes in Isshinryu Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Kickboxing. We encourage our students to have high standards for themselves as a martial artist and as an individual.


We also encourage families to get fit together because we believe that spending quality time together, learning, growing and having fun builds a strong and lasting family bond.


Powers Martial Arts academy is dedicated to bringing you authentic, high energy training classes that are focused on self-defense, building confidence, reducing stress, having a healthy lifestyle and socialization for your entire family.


We don’t believe that kids are “entitled” to a black belt; they must earn it with a lot of practice, determination and goal-setting… all while having lots of FUN! Optimal fitness for both kids and adults is also a huge part of our programs, which include a nice mix of both traditional and modern martial arts concepts.


With every awesome kick and powerful punch your child does, you’ll find that our Kid’s program is one of the best ways for them to develop CONFIDENCE, discipline, FOCUS and respect. All those valuable life skills give them the modern-day advantage of dreaming big, reaching for the stars and making their dreams come true.


Within every child is a champion that wants to emerge. Training with us provides an excellent way for that to happen, especially if your child is introverted, shy or doesn’t really like organized sports. 


There are COUNTLESS benefits of martial arts training for both kids and adults including…


Practicing martial arts is truly life-changing for your whole body, mind and spirit. And the beauty of it is that it’s Super-Affordable.


We’ve got an INSANELY-LOW Web Special going on right now that will Blow. You. Away.! It’s for a Limited Time Only and classes fill up Fast, so reserve your spot Today!


Our classes will prepare your child to be bully-proof, so they won’t have to worry about being picked on in school… or anywhere. They’ll become more aware of themselves, their surrounding and other people and know how to spot a potentially harmful situation, so they can walk away before things get bad. They’ll also have the courage, confidence and know-how to defend themselves, if necessary.  


Our expert instructors will help you reach YOUR goals. They have years of knowledge and experience under their belt and focus on every student’s goals. They will always motivate and support you in a POSITIVE, encouraging way. In fact, you’ll see lots of high fives every time you accomplish something big… or small. 


We’d love for you to join our growing family of martial artists. You’ll experience the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most fun you’ve ever had learning and getting fit! See you soon!


Meet the Instructors


Master Ed Powers is a 7th Degree Black Belt (Karate)/Black Belt Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Ed began his training in Isshinryu Karate in 1988 under Master Gary Yano and Grand Master Jim LaRocco. 


In 2002, Ed became a direct student of Grand Master LaRocco, who promoted Ed to 7th Degree black belt in March of 2014. Ed is currently representing the Okinawa Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association and is a direct student of the Grand Master Chris Chase, who is the president of the association. 


Ed started training Jiu Jitsu in 2004. In 2006, he met Tony Rinaldi who was a representative of the Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu Association. Ed became a student of Tony Rinaldi and Master Pedro Sauer, who awarded Ed his black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu on September 11, 2015.


Ed is a certified Ohio Police Self Defense instructor and teaches Law Enforcement. In 2010, Ed assisted his wife Melissa in developing a Therapeutic Martial Arts program to help autistic and special needs students. 


Master Melissa Powers is 6th Degree Black Belt (karate)/Blue Belt Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Melissa began her training in Isshinryu Karate in 1990 under Master Gary Yano and Grand Master Jim LaRocco.


In 2002, Melissa became a direct student of Grand Master LaRocco, who promoted her to 6th Degree black belt in March of 2010. Melissa is currently representing the Okinawa Isshinryu Karate and Kobudo Association and is a direct student of the Grand Master Chris Chase, who is the president of the association. 


Melissa started her training in Jiu Jitsu in 2004 so her husband Ed would have a training partner. She earned her blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and assists in teaching the Junior Jiu Jitsu classes. 

Melissa developed the Lil’ Dragons program at Powers Martial Arts Academy and, in 2010, with the assistance of her husband Ed, she developed a Therapeutic Martial Arts program to help autistic and special needs students.

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